Very Dear Visitors, Brothers, Sisters and started correspondents:

Greetings in the six points of our cornerstone.!

After five years that O.F.L. decided to move away itself from internet for a more intimate work; the Supreme Council of the Ordo Fratres Lucis is setting a new regime of activity, which includes, among other projects, assert its presence on the WEB. and for this purpose, the Supreme Council of the O.F.L. has built this new space – the unique means of communication and dissemination officer of the Order- to inform, timely, all your friends, members and candidates; because the "spirit of time" has shown us the need to achieve every scattered Frater Lucis in the "four corners of the world" to toast them with a fraternal and renewed space for meetings and learning.; and so restore the foundations, strengthening the light egregore of our Community.

Live in the LVX and Darkness shall not prevail..

Supreme Council of the Ordo Fratres Lucis