Statement Brazil 001/2013

From Fratres and Soror Ordo Fratres Lucie,

Health in Six Points Our Cornerstone!

No last give 23/11/2013 in São Paulo - Brazil, the first "Physics Meeting" was taken from the renovated National Council of Brazil with the goal of reconstructing the Ordo Fratres Lucis in National territory.

It was decided:

1 - From now on Brazil in the Order will have this hierarchical structure, where the low should provide information to the above:

1 – Supreme Council

2 - National Council

3 - National Secretariat

4 - Lojas lucis

5 – Members

2- This date (23/11/2013) on all Certificates and Letters Patent shall be revalidated by the National Secretariat with a new issue sanctioned by CNB to all those who are continuing the work of the Ordo Fratres Lucis in Brazil through the information provided in the 1st National Sense Using Forms to be ordered to National Secretary.

3- Only the stores that provide the information of the 1st National Sense and accept the rules of the CNB will be considered active within the Ordo Fratres Lucis.

4- Only Lucis Magisters connected to a Lucis Store Enables may start, elevate and exalt members within the Ordo Fratres Lucie.

5- All Degrees of Ordo Fratres Lucis the interstitium must be respected 1 year, except for "special cases" of extreme distance, where the Magister Lucis Connected to Lucis Store Business must complete a form to be requested from the National Secretariat and receive authorization from CNB to reduce the interstitium between the degrees, getting Lucis Store tutelary responsibility for the advancement of member.

6- Shop all Active within the Order shall record its Statute and Rules signed by the heads of the Lodge at the National Secretariat.


Since the same, after receipt of such statement, members who wish to continue their status as active, should rule replicating this statement to revalidate their certificates. Should, also, indicate the store which belong, if they are attending some.

In time, communicate to all Fratres and Sorores that the Ordo Fratres Lucis there is no authority entitled Archon is much less addressed by this. The only organ with the function of guiding or even discusses matters of the Order worldwide is the Supreme Council and the national level the National Council, as has been said above. So, all issues that can not be settled at the level of Store should be directed, through its Chairman, the National Council for deliberation.

Sao Paulo, 23 November 2013, Sun in Sagittarius.

In L.’. V. '. X.’.

COUNCIL National Ordo of Brazil Frater Lucie

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