The Ordem

With the firm belief that man needs more spirituality is that a group of brothers from the beginning, almost without realizing, an experiment in spiritual awareness: The community of the Fratres Lucis. A group of brothers united by similar feelings of Universal Brotherhood feel the call to build a community that was composed of brothers and sisters from many Traditions, regardless of the order or that were fraternity affiliates. A Brother gave way and prepared his birth; other Brothers raised the flag, taking the nerve to plot a route on which to project our growth esoteric, Therefore in 23 July 2000 This uprising led to the Foundation ORDO Frates Lucis (modern).

When was the ORDO Frates Lucis or Order of the Brothers of Light, was not a reference to the Order of the Illuminati Adam Weishaup founded in 1776. Was Inspired by Florentine Order of the Brothers of Light, founded in 1498, as a continuation of the Platonic Academy of secret Marcelo Ficcino.

Over the centuries changed its name several times. It was known as “Brotherhood of the Illuminati”, again towards crístico, no relation to the organization of Adam Weishaup.

Our modern Order was recognized in September 2003 the last line of this Archon Enlightenment PLATONIC-CHRIST, through the Count George Boyer of England.

From 9 September 2003, ORDO Frates Lucis is the depository of the Charter that allows it to operate as a legitimate body, independent of the true and historical Fratres Lucis, the ancient lineage of the Fratres Lucis of Florence, ITALY, in recognition of our work disinterested, manifested as a new body of former SPIRIT Fratres Lucis. CHARTER This was granted by the Grand Master LEWIS KEIZER, Keeper of Ancient Lineage of Fratres Lucis Germany and Italy.OBS: The Ordo Fratres Lucis Modern confers no initiations of Ordo Fratres Lucis Ancient Minister and his or Materials, but was recognized as having the "Spirit of the Ancients Fratres Lucis"

Mystery School which is called "Order of Fratres Lucis" or "Order of the Brothers of Light". In Latin, Is Ordo Fratres Lucie. This Ordem, like all initiatic Order, has its Temples (Stores) meeting places that are members physically. The incorporation of one of them requires its initiation in the First Degree Ordo Fratres Lucis, and material support of said Temple, any other material organization. But in this case, quotas are set by each store independently.

This Order is not affiliated in material to any Order or Fraternity Initiation, even though we share in the spiritual Orders of the High Ideals and Esoteric Fraternities, as Rosicrucianism, Martinism and Freemasonry.

In particular, This Order is made up of many Initiates Orders and Fraternities. But can also subscribe to free people and good manners, though are not members of any Order or Fraternity, whenever aceitem the ethical standards of the Fratres Lucis.

No member shall pay any share of their affiliation to the Order of the Fratres Lucis. Our knowledge is transmitted through the Akashic Records Internet, are either delivered by hand, in a personal way, a student who has lessons, another student who does not have them for not having Internet access. Our Order is not a commercial site or location. We do not sell our lessons, and the possibility of sending them over the Internet, makes unnecessary cover costs of printing and publishing.

Our teachings belong to many orders, Fraternities and Schools, because they are teaching UNIVERSAL. The center of the teachings of the modern Ordo Fratres Lucia, concomitantly with the teachings of their predecessors 1498, is RESTORING THE WORLD THE TEACHINGS OF OUR LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST.

All this develops the doctrine contained in our series of lessons or SYLLABUS, Christians who are in the esoteric sense. And for this we studied the works of esoteric Christianity the Magister Lucis Eckarsthausen. This path will stop weekly, in which the Internet will receive one SYLLABUS HERMETICAE, composed of ethical and philosophical teachings of our Order.

Joining forces move forward. Brothers who come to us, will have more material to their disposal, and the fruit of a detailed map. We, we move into uncharted territory, we have to confront ourselves with novel situations.