In our Order members are all brothers under the same conditions. Although personally are high Initiates and Masters of their respective Orders, in our midst, should behave as brothers only distinguished by their inner light radiation, fire aura, Your Wisdom.

Modality registration

VIRTUAL RELEVANT MEMBER: The new member receives a series of 12 lessons which constitutes a part of the First Syllabus of our Order, after answering the Questionnaire Syllabus Hermeticae 012, can continue receiving our lessons to the Syllabus Hermeticae 021, however for continuing studies will be necessary initiation in the Order which may apply to any of our stores.

OBS: this is the application is FREE and receive by email the teachings of our Order. If you have a computer problem to receive lessons, be sure to communicate with the Secretariat of your area.

BROTHER STARTED: Upon finishing his study (12 First Syllabus), if you want, may request the initiation Ordo Fratres Lucis, free, and receive the lessons of the Second Syllabus via e-mail, Sections can participate in one of our Stores.

To apply for Membership please fill in the details on this form and accept the ethical standards set out below:

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OBS: The information will be sent to the national secretariat of their respective parents is important to fill the field correctly PARENTS

Ethical Standards:

By accepting in Join My Community of Fratres Lucis I declare adhere to the following Six Principles:

1. LIGHT: As Frater or Soror Lucis, viverei na LUZ, I will reveal the truth gradually. The Light will eliminate the darkness of my IGNORANCE. As opposed, 'll be against everything that is SHADY and let the Human Being in ignorance.

2. LIFE: As Frater or Soror Lucis, I'll be in favor of LIFE not DEATH. I'll be in favor of the ORDER and CHAOS not. I'll be in favor of EVOLUTION and not of INVOLUTION.

3. LOVE: As Frater or Soror Lucis, feel LOVE for others, by family and society. Am, therefore, against all violence, hatred and war.

4. FREEDOM: As Frater or Soror Lucis, will practice freedom of thought. Never censurarei another brother for their opinions. Am, therefore, against all forms of human SLAVERY.

5. EQUALITY: As Frater or Soror Lucis, I will respect the rights of all my brothers and sisters will have the same duties and the same.

6. FRATERNITY: As Frater or Soror Lucis, will practice solidarity with my brothers, help you and to all those who approach me in Sendero Knowledge.

Likewise, I pledge to keep secret the Syllabus and all private stuff that I send, and it in no way divulge any means, not allow other people to copy without permission of the Supreme Council of Ordo Fratres Lucis.

I declare that it is unworthy to be a FRATER or Soror Lucis, by breaking these Sacred Six Principles, accept being expelled from the Great Chain Mystical World of the Brothers of Light scattered over all the face of the Earth.