What is Ordo Fratres Lucia?

  1. It is an Order composed of members of many esoteric Orders and Fraternities, and even by whom is not a member of any.
  2. Community is a modern twenty-first century, da used Web (Internet), to dispel their knowledge FREE.
  3. It is an order whose members are scattered all over the world and exchange knowledge with each other.
  4. It is an order that does not charge fees or require money, because each Frater Lucis takes care of your part. It's free.
  5. It is an order where all members can speak. Nothing is forbidden if they are free people and have good manners.
  6. It is an order which is allowed freely enter and eturn.
  7. It is an Order with little administrative bureaucracy, how it tends to stifle the spirit.




  1. The Order transmits the teachings that its members wish to transmit.
  2. Every member has the right to transmit teachings where only your inspiration be your guide.
  3. The Rosicrucian Traditions, Martinists, Masonic, Theosophical, Kabbalists, Alchemical and Hermetic, In particular axis EGYPTIAN-GRECO-ROMAN-CHRISTIAN, without excluding the Eastern traditions.
  4. The teachings are not sold, nor are purchased, not have to pay fees. Are received via email and can be downloaded as files from the site of the Order. Can also be hand delivered.



  1. Who enroll in this portal our Order on the Internet, receives the name of Corresponding Member. a) The Corresponding Members who refer their personal data, receive by our form materials of our Order by email. The Brothers Correspondents receiving initiation into the Order, are called Fratres Lucis and Lucis Sr. To receive the Initiation must complete the Request for Registration to receive week number 12 and contact a store.
  2. It is not mandatory that the Corresponding Members join the Order of the Fratres Lucis, however can not continue with studies.
  3. Two Brothers STARTED (under the supervision of a Magister Lucis) can establish a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Fratres Lucis.
  4. Stores should refer to the National Secretariat of His Parents Regarding, if there is no National Secretariat working in his parents the International Bureau had undertaken directly.
  5. The National Secretariats should refer to the International Bureau.
  6. The International Secretariat is subordinated the Supreme Bar Council which is composed of 12 Magisters Lucis, recebem that the title of Cancellarius, elected through internal elections of the Supreme Council of the Order.